Benefits of Using a Staffing Company

If you need to hire, you may be considering using a staffing company. A staffing agency can help you quickly fill roles based on your desired qualifications and availability. Staffing companies are especially well-suited to filling short or medium-term roles and conducting mass hiring. These types of projects can overload smaller human resource departments. You can save time and money by letting a staffing agency handle it. 

If you’re debating whether to hire directly or use a staffing company, check out our list of reasons to use a staffing company:


Using a staffing company allows for maximum staffing flexibility. You can have roles filled quickly, hire temporary labor, and meet seasonal demands. Staffing agencies can also be useful in finding staff to fill-in during maternity leaves, medical leaves, or vacations. In 2021, companies can expect to have more staff members out sick for longer periods of time than average due to the pandemic, a staffing agency can allow you to quickly find someone to fill in.


Hiring Quickly

Finding the right person to fill your open role can take a lot of time. You need to craft the job description, wait for applications to come in, review them all, conduct interviews and background checks, and then invest time into training and onboarding them. Staffing agencies on the other hand, are constantly building their talent network of skilled staff and likely already have the perfect fit for your open role! 

The average time to fill a position is 42 days, and that’s just not efficient or practical when you need someone now. With a staffing company, you can have someone ready to start in a matter of days – or even the next day.


Reducing Costs

In addition to all of the time spent on recruiting, onboarding, and training a new employee there are also a lot of costs. The time spent by your human resources staff and management team is in itself a large cost of hiring. You may spend money posting or sponsoring the open job post, conducting background checks, and funding other pre-employment processes. 

Once you hire a new employee there are recurring payroll and benefit costs, and you are now generally committed to providing them hours. A staffing firm handles payroll processing for you. Your company is also not responsible for any unemployment claims filed after the project ends. This helps to keep your unemployment taxes low.


Avoiding Overtime

Overtime is costly for employers, and draining for employees. If your business is short-staffed or heading into a busy season, using short-term labor to supplement your current staff is a great alternative to having your staff work overtime. It will save your company money, and avoid burnout among your full-time staff. This is especially important for roles that involve strong attention to detail or health and safety concerns, as people are more likely to make mistakes or cut corners when they are feeling overworked and fatigued.


Access to Specialized Skill Sets

For small-to-medium-sized companies, it is not practical to have an experienced staff member on-hand for every skill or project that could come up. A staffing agency will have a diverse talent network with staff to meet the specific needs of your project. Instead of having to go through the full hiring process to add a member to the team to meet one project requirement or fulfill a skill or role that is only needed occasionally, use a staffing company.


Save Time and Money with a Staffing Company

Finding on-demand labor for your business shouldn’t be a hassle. Faveo makes hiring short-term help easy so you can operate with flexibility and efficiency. Get access to our wide array of talented workers in a convenient app format. With Faveo, you post and staff roles 24/7. Our helpmates are hard-working, flexible, and ready to work!

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