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Faveo provides staffing assistance to a wide variety of industries. We can provide staff for construction projects, special events, and to supplement your warehouse and delivery teams. Today, we’re putting a spotlight on some of the industries that we most frequently serve and providing you with market updates. If you don’t see your industry listed, don’t worry! Our staff is flexible and multi-talented! Reach out to our team today to discuss your staffing needs!



The construction industry took a hit in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but recovery is imminent. Disbursement of covid-vaccines and enhanced stimulus packages are expected to boost business and consumer confidence in the coming months. Faveo is here to help you find short-term contract labor for all of your upcoming construction projects. Our helpmates are skilled workers with the flexibility to assist your team on an as-needed basis.

Dodge Data & Analytics, a construction leading industry data analysis and forecasting firm, has projected that overall construction starts in the U.S. will increase by 4% in 2021. The residential sector is expected to see the largest increase in construction starts. Low mortgage rates will help boost the residential construction sector, which is expected to surpass pre-covid construction start rates. However, Dodge also noted that it may be a gradual and uneven recovery. Flexibility will be key for the construction industry this year.



Warehousing & Logistics

2020 was a monumental year for the warehousing and supply chain industry. Demand for many consumer goods spiked – and even shipping and warehouse giants like Amazon struggled to keep up with demand throughout much of the year. The enhanced demand for ecommerce and home delivery is expected to continue through 2021.

Logistics industry leaders have noted that finding adequate staffing for their warehouse operations was a challenge throughout 2020. They also noted the difficulty of labor planning during periods of turbulent demand. Going into 2021, the focus is on creating scalable operations that can be flexed up or down to meet changing consumer demand.

This year, you can be prepared to meet rapidly changing demand levels by using Faveo to supplement your current labor force. Faveo can provide warehouse workers, delivery drivers, and other short-term labor needed to keep your operation running smoothly. Consumers have come to expect speedy delivery thanks to Amazon Prime’s infamous 2 day shipping, so if your business is falling behind on orders, don’t hesitate to call Faveo!



Event Staffing

It’s probably been quite some time since you attended a large event, but as covid-19 vaccines become available to larger subsets of the U.S. population, the special event industry will reopen.Conventions, concerts, music festivals, and trade shows were postponed or cancelled throughout 2020, but in late 2021 the industry will have to be ready to meet the pent up demand.

You may find that event staffing looks a little bit different following the covid-19 pandemic. Additional safety measures such as temperature checks, enhanced cleaning and sanitation, andverification of vaccination or a negative covid test may require you to hire increased event staff.

Other event industry trends that are expected in 2021 are an increase in micro-events and hybrid events. Micro-events are smaller scale events that will be easier to plan in accordance with social distancing guidelines and local regulations. With micro-events, venues and event companies may find that they have more event bookings, but smaller groups per event. Hybrid events involve a mix of in-person attendees and remote attendees. This is a population way to include people that are not able to travel, while also allowing local guests to attend in-person for the full experience.

Our helpmates can provide efficient, friendly service at your events while abiding by any requested covid safety measures.


Staffing in 2021

Many of our frequently serviced industries are experiencing periods of change and regrowth right now.. It can be challenging to make long-term hiring and staffing decisions while your industry is in limbo due to the pandemic. Our helpmates are available to help your business remain flexible and meet changing market conditions and staffing needs during this
unpredictable time. Finding on-demand labor for your business shouldn’t be a hassle. Faveo makes hiring short-term help easy so you can operate with flexibility and efficiency.

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