How Does Faveo Compare to Other Staffing Agencies

Looking to fill a new role for your business? Consider a staffing company. Utilizing staffing agencies can be an efficient, flexible way to fill temporary roles.

However, many staffing agencies are stuck in the past. They use outdated, time-intensive practices to fill your roles, resulting in slower hiring processes and higher fees. Faveo is a staffing company designed for the current era. We leverage updated technology and the shift towards a gig economy to help you find high quality talent!

Here is how Faveo measures up to other staffing agencies.



 Staffing agencies provide companies the flexibility to temporarily supplement their existing labor to fill short-term projects, meet seasonal business demands, and cover medical or maternity leaves. Using a staffing agency instead of hiring directly can save you countless hours! To learn about the benefits of using a staffing agency, check out our blog on the topic here.

 Staffing agencies come in all specialties, and finding the right one to fit your hiring needs is important. Faveo specializes in short and medium length contract roles. We are able to fill positions for single-day gigs and for ongoing work. Many staffing agencies do not staff for single day roles or sporadic ongoing work. Faveo allows you the flexibility to augment your current staff as needed without making a long-term commitment.

 Faveo can also help you staff roles quickly to meet last minute needs as they arise. You can submit your staffing request anytime 24/7 and find someone quickly to fit your project’s needs. Just found out you need someone tomorrow? Faveo can help! Other staffing agencies will have you waiting until standard business hours. With Faveo, access to a skilled talent pool is right at your fingertips any time of day.



Hiring with Faveo is quick and simple. Once you’re registered with Faveo, you can log in to our convenient user-friendly mobile app and request help, enter the desired skills and experience, job schedule, and review available candidates. Our app is easy to navigate and Faveo’s team is available to help with any app or staffing questions.

 All candidates in the app are already background checked and vetted, so they’re ready to get started right away. Hiring, communication, and payment can be done all in one simple place!


Direct Communication With Candidates

With Faveo, you are in control of selecting help for your projects. We provide skilled candidates and support, but the decision on who to hire is up to you. You’re able to review the skills, experience, and helpmate ratings of available staff. This gives you more control than using traditional staffing companies, but you still receive the time-saving benefits compared to direct hiring.

You also have the option to communicate directly with available staff in the Faveo app. There’s no mysteries here, you know exactly who will be showing up to work on your project! If you find a helpmate you like working with, you can communicate with them on availability for future projects as well!


Hire With Faveo

Finding on-demand labor for your business shouldn’t be a hassle. Faveo makes hiring short-term help easy so you can operate with flexibility and efficiency. Start utilizing a staffing agency built for 2021. We understand the gig economy, your business’s unique project needs, and the desire for stream-lined staffing processes.

Why waste time going back and forth with an old-school staffing agency when you can hire quickly and conveniently by accessing a pool of qualified and enthusiastic workers right from your phone or computer.

Get started with Faveo today by filling out our brief form and speaking with a member of our customer success team!

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